As research for writing the novel MOURNING DOVE, I’ve read more than 75 books related to global warming. I’ve connected with scientists across the globe, asked them questions, and read scientific journal articles they recommended. Sharing the results of this research will help in my battle against global warming.

Move your cursor over each book shown below to see a very short description or opinion of the book. Click on a a book for a site where you can purchhase it. To see my detailed comments about all of these books, go to this site:
Shawn's Comments

The Way the World Ends, by Nesbit On Fire, by Klein Losing Earth, by Nathaniel Rich
Solaf, by McEwan End of Ice by Jamail Wall, by Lanchester South Pole Station, by Shelby
Falter, by McKibben Burn, by Bates and Draper Breakpoint, by Jacksom and Chapple Uninhabitable Earth, by Wallace-Wells
No Immediate Danger, by Vollmann Scale, by West Doughnut Economics, by Raworth Five-Ton Life, by Subak
Power Moves, by Grant Spineless, by Juli Berwald Watermelon Snow, by Miller Fate Of Rome, by Harper
Taming the Sun, by Sivaram Climate, A New Story, by Eisenstein Holistic Management, by Savory Coming Storm, by Lewis
Climate Change, What Everyone Needs to Know, by Romm We're Doomed, Now What? by Scranton The Wizard and the Prophet, by Charles Mann Blackfish City, by Miller
Extreme Cities, by Dawson Dark Age America, by Greer Sustainable Way, by Leach Encyclical on Climate Change & Inequality, by Pope Francis
Political Incorrect Guide to Climate Change, by Morano Ends of the World, by Brannen The Water Will Come, by BGoodell KisstheGround, by Tickell
No Is Not Enough, by Naomi Klein World of Three Zerols, by Yunus The Grid, by Bakke Drawdown, by Hawken
Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe Climate of Hope, by Bloomberg and Pope Dangerous Years by Orr Assault On Reason, by Al Gore
Atmosphere of Hope, by Flannery Earth In Human Hands, by Grinspoon Soil Will Save Us, by Ohlson Windfall, by Funk
We Are Unprepared, by Reilly Sixty Days and Counting, by Robinson The Water Knife, by Bacigalupi High Tide On Main Street, by Englander
Driving the Future, by Oge Oil and Honey, by McKibben The Real Global Warming Disaster, by Booker Half Earth, by Wilson
Man's Search for Meaning, by Frankl Let There Be Water, by Siegel When The Rivers Run Dry by Pearce Science of Energy, by Great Courses
Reason In A Dark time by Jamieson Dark Money by Mayer Merchants of Doubt by Oreskes & Conway The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars by Michael Mann
Climate Shock by Wagner & Weitzman Unstoppable by Bill Nye Sixth Extinction by Kolbert Welcome To The Greenhouse by Van Gelder
Don't Even Think About It by Marshall Overheated by Guzman Storms of my Grandchildren by Hansen This Changes Everything by Klein
Arctic Rising by Buckell Friend Of The Earth by Boyle Weather Makers by Flannery Odds Against Tomorrow by Rich

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Shawn Oueinsteen